Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wanna Borrow Some Time?

Borrowing bits and pieces of  to write just a few words that will maybe give you a bit of encouragement today.

How has your week started?  I am hoping it started great!  My Monday was wonderful but . . . I started Monday already behind on things I needed to get done.

Sometimes I feel like my time with God is borrowed.  I have to stop an activity to just take a brief moment and be thankful.  

I am thankful that God is patient with me.  I am thankful he understands that I/we get ourselves so caught up just in doing life that sometimes we forget just how 'this life' came about.  I am thankful that even when I don't think about God he is thinking of me.  

And, he is thinkin of you.  I am gonna 'borrow' some time today . . . wanna join me?

Have a great day.

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