Monday, July 31, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

updated...sadly this might be my last post for awhile.  If I go AWOL please know it's not by choice.  I am having really strange things going on either with the computer or inter net for a couple of days.  
Cross your fingers for me.  I hope to see you soon!
Welcome to my regular Monday post.  I join Sandra and a few friends to share our plans for the week. 
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The Weather
 Thankfully it's predicted a little cooler.  Low to mid 90's this week.  

Right Now I  Am
 Thinking I am gratful it will be cooler.  Last week was really hot.  I am in and out in the heat alot.  It wears a person down!

On My Reading Pile
 A few to read on the Kindle . . . A few for Great Escape Tours
Deadly Choices 
Death Distilled
A Knit Before Dying
 I'll be reading this one with my grandson for the Litfuse Tour

Unfortunately I didn't get a print copy of this one.  I'll be spotlighting  for the I Read Book Tour. There is a giveaway for the tour.  My spotlight will post on August 16th.

Something Fun to Share
 Watch for my spotlight post on the 16th to enter the giveaway for the above book.  The book will be mailed directly to the winner from the author!
I am thankful for
 A morning off.  Especially since I am behind getting this post written!
In the garden
3 pumpkin plants growing.
Cucumbers are dwindling.  I planted them early got a great harvest though.  Next year I will do two plantings.

On the menu this week
 Monday--Chicken/Dressing, Green Beans, Carrots, Salad
Wednesday-- Pork 

In the kitchen
Sweet, tart and oh so delicious! Lemon Blueberry Bread I tried this yesterday.  It was really good but just not what I wanted.  It was more cake like than bread.  
Back to the drawing board. Or should I say Pinterest board.

Fabulous Features
 I guess no features this morning.  Having a weird problem with internet today not loading webpages.  Hmm.

On of my simple pleasures
 No schedule.  A slow simple day with no pressure.  Awe.

Devo./ Scripture
Sharing an old one from my files.  Sometimes a dirty pony makes you smile. 

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