Friday, July 21, 2017

Five Minute Friday-Collections

Joining 5 Minute Friday today for a writing challenge. 
It's been a long time. Glad to be back. 
Writing from a prompt for  5 minutes. No editing. No planning just 5 minutes of thought.  
Five Minute Friday :: Collect
Go. . . 
I think of things that are important to me.  But it's more than just things.  The most important to me are my kids, The Cowboy our
And so I collect memories. Memories are important.  Whether 
good or bad.  Memories are good.  But memories can be bad. 
I choose to focus on the good.  Sometimes bad memories 
can be collected without our even realizing it. 
Let's focus on whats good.  Let's collect memories that make us smile. That carry us through the times that maybe aren't pleasant.
When part of your family doesn't live near it's hard to collect memories.  So it's (I think) important to make memories where you can.  Collect their memories from photo's and cards and letters. 
Text message with a photo or a thought about what happened in the their day.  I collect them all.  
I work to make events and things memorable to send presents and little trinkets across the miles to make a memory to add to our/my
Stop. . .
And I could say more and maybe I will.
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