Friday, July 14, 2017

My Desk In July

Welcome Friday!  Are you as happy as I am it's Friday!

Today I am sharing a brief post.  I haven't shown you my desk this month.   
I've realized that I can really be really messy so I'm on a journey 
to keep myself tidy.
It's simple this month.  Only a few things.  I'm loving the Zinnia from my garden.  I used the blue candlesticks that make perfect
vases.  From Pier One way back in the day.  Before it was so 
cool to shop there. 
Thy hydrange is from a clients garden.  I picked one for her too...
My lamp and pencil holder stays.  I kept the little bunny on the side.  He was perfect to hold this photo of the Cowboy . . .
His professional photo from back in the day.
I stumbled across it in some old files. 
Thought it was fun.   
My desk space is simple and clutter free.
Right now.  
I am trying to keep it that way.  
Now the rest of the room.  Well I won't show you that today!
I want you to have a Good Day!
Sending you a Smile and a Hug!
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