Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy July 4th- Our Dinner For 2 Tablescape

Happy July 4th
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We are having a quiet peaceful relaxing day just the two of us.
Ribs prepped and ready for smoker.  That's the Cowboys job.
 I've set the table for just two
Please forgive my photo's aren't pretty or fancy.  My computer won't support editing programs.  Just pretend they are all fancy and pretty!
Looking into the dining area from the living space.  The area is too tiny to have all 4 chairs so one sits in the corner.  Notice the sides of the table are down.  It's normally pushed to the left against the shelve so I can walk past into the kitchen.

I had to share a close up of the lone Zinnia from my garden. 
I picked it a few days ago.  It's pink but it's pretty and I love it.
Yep that's me!  Ignore that part please.  I was trying to show you the plates.  I think I got them at Kohl's back in the day.  I love them.
A better shot of me. HeHe.
A close up of the shelf at the end.  I wanted to share the flowers that my DIL brought me when the visited in early June.  She knows I love to decorate seasonally so she shops with me in mind.  The tiny chair is for a fairy garden she expects me to plant.  Hmmm.
A close up of the glasses I saw at Big Lots on clearance last  year.  I loved them it's hard to see but there are stars in the glass!

Oh poo...yes that is a sticker showing on the pot.  Here is my excuse I have to take photo's on my phone upload to a closed board on pinterest and then copy and paste.  The only way I can get it to work.  No real way to crop or edit and it takes a long time to upload because our inter net so slow.   
On last shot to share with you one of my patriotic quilts.  I made in the late 90's  I love this little quilt.  It fits nicely on the back of the couch.   

Well that's the table.  
And the menu is . . . 
Jalapeno Poppers  and Shrimp Martini's for appetizers
and pickles I made from my cucumbers!
Main Course - Ribs, Deviled Eggs, Coleslaw and Fries
Dessert hmmm oh doesn't chocolate sound good.
I must bake!

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