Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thankful Thursday

I had a lot to be Thankful for this week.  I got to go on a special 
date with The Cowboy because it was our Anniversary!
It was special because he chose the restaurant where we went on our first date!  It was such a surprise that he thought of it.  And that they are still open after all these years!
It was fun and nostalgic.  We laughed as we looked at the menu 
wondering how much the dinners were waaaay back in the day!
We didn't have these on our first date.  I was 17 he was 20.
The meal was great I/we enjoyed it so much.  It was just as good as always.  
I had a yummy Soft Cheese Taco, Enchilada, Crispy Taco & Guac
My meal was only $9.00.  The Cowboy's was $ll.00.  
His was similar and Enchilda,Rice,Beans, Taco, Guac and he got a
praline.  I knew he would get one.  He loves them!  

The most special part of the evening was when he surprised me 
and prayed before our meal.  He thanked God for me!  He thanked 
God for 41 years!  

We are Blessed and Thankful!

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