Sunday, June 10, 2018

Family Supper-Any Day Special Meals

Welcome to Family Supper.  
Today let's talk about making meals fun.
 And maybe a little more special than usual.
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I can't help wondering why do we wait until the holidays to do something special.  

When it would be so simple to celebrate something as simple as 
a Sunflower we've grown in the garden.
Sunflowers are super simple to grow.  Toss the seeds in the ground around April or May and then watch them grow. 
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Sunflowers are easy to find at your grocers.  Did you know you can ask the attendant to purchase 1 stem.  They will gladly sell you just 1.  

Maybe you don't want to do a big bouquet.  One or two stems make a nice addition to the table.  
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There are tons of crafty ideas to find.    Gather some paints and paper or card stock and have the kids make a painting while dinner is on the stove.  
Or go an even easier and cleaner route; provide paper and glue
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Kids love to create.  Making some creative decorations for your super simple family dinner is fun for everyone. 

Having a creative fun Supper Time with the family
is a simple as 
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These days the kids are so busy with electronics that sometimes it's hard to drag them away.  I deal with that on the days my grandson visits us.  
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It's super easy to just allow them to babysit themselves with their games and videos.  And then hand them a frozen pizza on a paper plate. 
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Taking an extra step and planning a craft project or making a simple meal fun . . . 

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Is a simple way to bring the family together and start a new tradition of Family Supper.

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