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Sewing/Craft Room Makeover Part 1

Welcome to my 'looks like a bomb went off ' Sewing/Craft Room
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I started this project a few weeks ago.  May 5th our daughter 
got married and she asked to use my mantle at the wedding. 

Before the wedding the mantle was in my Sewing/Craft Room

The top photo is from last year I think.  It is at the house we currently live in.  This photo was in my Sewing/Craft room
The bottom photo was taken in the apartment before we moved 
her.  I included it so you could see the ends and legs (I guess they
are legs)
In this photo you can see the other end and the mirror that is now
hanging on the wall above where the mantle was before the wedding.  In this photo in the apartment the mirror is leaning against the wall.
The mantle has gone through many changes/dressings.  In this pic is in the apartment again.  I loved that it was in the dining room area.  I could include it in table settings.  
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As much as I love the mantle in the Sewing/Craft room I decided once it was gone not to bring it back in.  For awhile I have been wanting more space.  Actually more dedicated space for each of my activities.  
As I said I wanted a dedicated space for each project.  I moved 
the Sewing/Crafting table in front of the window.
This is now the area where I will be doing painting projects, 
Bible Journaling, Altered Books and Journals and other paper crafting projects.  I am not sure if the table will stay facing the window. 

I warned you it looks like a bomb went off in the room.  Much 
of these things are just stashed on the shelves after being taken off of a shelf that is totally leaving the room. 
If you look close you can see there are two shelves.  The one on the right that takes the most space in the photo was originally further away from the window.   I moved it so I could put both short white shelves in this nook space.  But my delima is I can't really get to things now from the crafting table.  So I am thinking
of turning the table to face the long wall and the book shelves will then be at my back.
I thought about stacking the white shelves but I would have lost the photo wall about the shelves.  I know it is a disaster right now.
And it is driving me nuts.  I am still thinking of stacking the shelves but I will have to find a space for the photos.
The computer table has now been moved to the wall where the mantle was.  Eventually there will be two sets of glass cubes on either end of the table.  They will hold baskets filled with supplies.
Another thing I want to add is an inspiration wall or bulletin board.
Right now things that I am praying over are on the desk.  I spend most of my day/evenings here.  When we begin our RV travel 
we want to go to camp grounds and to San Felipe, Mexico.  The photo is a pic from a market in Merida, Mexico.  We went there 
on a mission trip many years ago.
Some of my fabric will go on hanging file folders in a file cabinet.
It won't hold it all.  I have three other drawers to clean out but there are other things on the agenda first. 
One very small section of a very big shelf.  It is taller than me and wider. LOL.  It holds alot of frabric.  I have stacks that are just crammed into the shelves after I got them out of boxes from the garage.
Another view of the large shelf and the file cabinet.  I've been using the small table (w/o iron and machine) to fold fabric. 
Hopefully soon I will get another craft table for the machine. 
It's now sitting on the painting table.
This very ugly brown shelf originally sat Kitty Korner at the end of the mantle.  The other day it was completely cleaned off  and ready to discard but I started using it when I was folding fabric.  As soon as I am done folding this shelf is finding a new home.
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Are you wondering about the mantle?
It's finding a new home too.  
Stay tuned back for Part 2
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