Thursday, February 1, 2018

Too Many Irons-A New Project

I admit it.  I have waaaay too many hobbies and interests!
This week I started something I've been wanting to do for along time.
MooglyCAL2018 - Block #1 by Jessie At Home
I am pretty much a beginner although I have been crocheting since I was about 13.  Any aunt tried to teach me but since I am left handed it was too hand.  I pretty much taught myself.  But never got much further than very simple blocks.

Nothing like this block.  But I finished it and I am proud of myself
There are some mistakes. 
Finished block cor 2018 CAL. My first crochet block!
 But this was basically a test block.  I wasn't sure I could get all the way through it and have a decent looking piece.  

The sun is gorgeous this morning shinning through the window 
but messes up the pics!

The beginning was easy.  I  managed it with no difficulty but the 
pattern gets harder with each round!  At least for me.
At this point I wasn't entirely sure my block would turn out 
square.  I have never made a bock anything like this before. 
This is actually the second block.  The first one I stopped at 
this point because I didn't like the yarn choices. 
Gosh look how wonky it is now.  I actually don't remember if I ripped out this row or not.  
On the second try I was much more pleased with the yarn choices. I still used the same ones but changed the order and it looked alot
It is actually a square!  I was thrilled and energized.  I was also
crossing my fingers that I would have enough yarn to finish.  
These were scraps I had in my yarn basket!  
Almost done!  I was so proud of myself!  I realized when I started 
that crocheting was helping the dexterity in my fingers.  I have 
arthritis and I have gotten to the point the tiny buttons are hard to 
close for me.  Sometimes I can't pick up little tiny things.  

It's odd typing isn't difficult.  Writing has always been a challenge for me.  
I especially liked the last row.  It has these little bumps it kind of makes it look like filigree to me.  It's pretty.  And finished! 

I wasn't sure that I could manage this block.  But I endured!  
I am super excited to make it again with all new yarn.  I am hoping to stop at Hobby Lobby this afternoon and pick out something pretty!  

And now I have something fun and pretty in my craft basket that
I can share on my Happy Homemaker posts!  

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