Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Supper-Supper at GiGi's House

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Welcome to Sunday Supper
When I was child our Sunday Suppers were spent at my grandparents house.  

When I was very young there might be fresh veggies from my grandfathers garden.  He planted a few veggies the family liked.
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I remember sitting at our kitchen counter and snapping the peas so my mother could cook them.  There was this stool that I always sat on a little like this . . . 

I don't know whatever happened to that old stool.  But I loved it.  
I would love to have one for my grandson to sit on and snap peas.

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I would love to grow enough green beans and black eyed peas to can.
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And maybe start that tradition of Sunday Supper at GiGi's house.

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