Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Party For A Few Friends

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We had a fun party.  Wish you could have been there!
It was rather impromptu!
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We didn't get to have a party with our friends before they left for their vacation.  They decided to stop in before they went to the 
coast to embark on their cruise.
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So I rushed around and pulled some decorations together.
Planned a dessert menu. 
Got out a few decorations
Set the table.
Then took a deep breath.

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I hung a special quilt with hearts and got the table ready.
Because it was a cloudy day and our room is dark 
I chose White for the table.
Then I threw some decorations outside to Welcome our guests

Next on the agenda was a Cocoa bar

My grandson got busy making cinnamon toast

    Tongs are fascinating tools . . . 

Just in time there was a knock on the door!
There's that pesky Bear again trying to be a Moose!
And this time he wore a mustache to fool us!
But everyone reminded us he sneaks everyone on board the ship.
So of course we Welcomed him!
Silly  Bear
Everyone waited patiently for Cinnamon Toast
The Cowboy brought everyone Cracker Jacks

And then we had an idea!

Goofy face

Everyone had a grand time eating Cracker Jacks, Chocolate Twinkies and Cinnamon Toast

And then way too soon 
(he finally told us his name)
Reminded everyone it was time to go.  The ship is waiting!
Then he said "We will be back in time for Thanksgiving!"
"I will bring the Turkey"
Bon Voyage
Happy Valentines Day

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