Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February Paper Swap

Today I thought I would share with you the February Paper Swap
Paper Swap Blog
For February we are assigned the task to collect paper with 
'Detail'.  We are to send a small letter size envelope. 
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My partner is one I have swapped with before.  I am swapping with Catherine from Scotland.  We've had a lovely time meeting each other through Paper Swap.  
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The theme this month was a challenge for me.  But since Catherine and I are acquainted we decided just to send papers we 'like'. 

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Catherine asked for paint splatters.  So I am sending a few . . . 
This was a lovely torn from magazine paper I received from a swapper in Canada.  It looks like paint to me. 
This is some water color paper I was playing around with. 
I had saved for Catherine I guess. 
I liked these two I pulled from the Blue Swap.  The bottom one is a dark blue.  I didn't really have a plan for them.  I just thought they were pretty.  I am sure Catherine will make something incredible with them. 
Water colors I was playing with on coffee filters. 
An oriental.  I asked Catherine if she would like some.  I get a lot of orientals when I swap.  And a Jan/Feb calendar page. 
I always like to include a calendar page for the swap month. 
A couple more 'paint' papers that I've kept from other swaps. 
I hope she likes them.
I included a few tiny pieces and put in a little sleeve
I put the 'Details' on top to go with the theme.
I loved the XOXO tag!

I find that my swap and blogger friends from 'Across the Pond' are very interested in Texas.  I always include something from Texas. 
Mostly I included vintage newspapers. 
I also include a greeting.  I am always searching for post cards
or other cards from Texas.  This is a calendar page.  
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All these 'lovelies' are packed up and on the way to Scotland. 

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