Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Supper-It's All About Supper

Welcome to Sunday Supper
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        This post is quickly becoming my favorite post to write.  
It's actually kind of crazy because I don't really have a lot to share this week about our actual Sunday Supper. 
I think I just like the concept of writing about and reminiscing about our family suppers at home.
Today I am going to share with you about a mainstay in our home.
My go to cookbook.  Good ole Betty Crocker has served me well.

Vintage BETTY CROCKER'S COOKBOOK New & Revised Edition 1978 Hardcover Ring Bound
On a side note this copy is for sale on Ebay for 40.00.
I had to use this photo because  I no longer have my copy.  I 
gifted it to my daughter for Christmas. 

She has been talking about it for a few years and I've thought about buying her one.  

But I realized this past fall that it is about 'my' Our family cookbook as much as it is about Betty.

I didn't really think about it when I started but way back in the day I made notes about the recipes we tried. 
Many of them became family favorites.  I have to smile as I write this.  Because many of them were not keepers.  When I prepared the book for gifting to our daughter I went back through and made note of a few recipes that didn't work. 
One was Betty's recipe for meatloaf.  As I am writing I am remembering now what we had for dinner last Thursday. 
I wrote in my Happy Homemaker post about the meals I planned and served last week.  On Thursday the Cowboy decided to 
make meatloaf while I was at work. 
This was a 1st ( and deserves a whole other post).  He used a 
Betty Crockers recipe that he found on the internet. 

I was so grateful he made the meatloaf.  It was a long day. 
So I grabbed a box of Mac/Cheese from Aldi (much cheaper than the blue box).  Opened a can of Black Eyed Peas, buttered some 
bread and called it Dinner. 
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It was a great meal.  Especially since I had to do very little to get it on the table.  

He was all proud of himself.  And so was I.  I thanked him and told him he had done a wonderful job! YaDaYaDa.

The next day he admitted he didn't like it.  Hello open door!

Betty's wasn't a keeper.  We just didn't like her recipe.  Even all these years latter. 

It was indeed a humorous moment!

Sunday Supper
It's All About Supper

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