Thursday, February 22, 2018

In the Green House-In The Garden

It's a super rainy day.  I think I need a boat.  Since I can't play in the dirt today seems like a fine time to share a few pics. 

I have never started seeds before in pots. As you can see I 
definitely did  not scatter them too well.  I am going for 
mass plantings of Coleus.  They are supposed to be super simple 
to grow. 
I have bought bedding plants in the past.  We'll see how my first seedlings fair. 

Not sure if this planting of broccoli will survive.  It's too rainy to transplant.  

This pot is sprouting. 
On Saturday only 1 sprout.  I sent the pic to my son in Missouri.  He swears they are not tomato's.  Clearly the seed packet claims to be.  We'll see!

Marigolds to plant next to my tomatoes.  I have too more posts started.  

Sweet Peas ready to transplant.  I hope they survive till it dries out.  I've never planted Sweet Peas before.  I took this pic. on Sunday.

And then today look what I found in my pot.  Peter Rabbit
must have heard I was planning a garden for him!

And a few bulbs sprouting in the garden . . . 

Yes there are still a few rocks!  I think they sprout with the bulbs.

A crocus sprouting and the Chrysanthemums are back.
I did not know until yesterday that you should dead head your Pansy's they are looking sad.  

I was weeding on Monday and caught the Crocus just opening up.

Today my little garden is under water.  I hope the potatoes and onions survive the flood!  

So that is how my garden is growing.
Are you growing anything yet?

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