Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Supper

Welcome To Sunday Supper
 At GiGi's House
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I love Sunday Supper.  It's a day/evening in our home of either a super simple relaxing meal.  Or one when I pull out all the stops.
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Super Simple meals might be nachos from left over chicken or steak. 

Pulling out the stops might be finding a new or old recipe from 
a cherished cookbook 
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Or a new one found on Pinterest or another blog. 
I can't wait to cook Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.  Jaxx linked 
his yummy sounding recipe at the Fabulous Party.
Jaxx's version is filled with yummy fresh parsley,yellow and green onions.  And yummy chicken and sausage.  Click here to visit 
his blog and check out the recipe!

It's a day that usually nothing happens after church so an afternoon of cooking is perfect.  Spending time in the kitchen chopping and mixing and cooking  is fun and relaxing to me when I'm not tired.
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It's not typically a meal with a fancy set table.  Or even china.
But maybe a meal with special dishes or the table set for a theme. 

Maybe we're having a seafood boil with paper on the table and 
paper towels for the napkins.  One of our favorite meals!  
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I wonder why we seem to always have a seafood boil on the weekend.  It's such a super easy meal!  Everything thrown all in one pot eaten mostly with your fingers except for the potatoes.  

Oh I am getting hungry!

Or it might be the night I decide to cook a super pull out the stops meal that has a ton of ingredients and alot of work.  
Like another favorite
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Chili Relleno's start with fresh poblano peppers that have to be charred or steamed in the oven and then seeded and  stuffed with Monterrey Jack Cheese (Mozzarella works in a pinch).  A fritter type batter is prepared and then the chili's dipped and fried. 
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 Alot of work but oh so worth the effort! Oh so yummy.
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My recipe is from this cookbook bought way back in the day.  
It is full of wonderful yummy recipes. 

Or there is the option for the super easy version.  I use on week nights when I am tired but craving one of my favorite dishes.
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Not quite the same but still super yummy.  I cut the recipe in half for just two of us and then there are leftovers for lunch. 

Oh I enjoy Sunday Suppers.  A great time for making some great food and enjoying it with family or friends.  

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So what's on your Sunday Supper dinner plate? 
Super simple or pull out the stops and spend the day cooking?
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