Thursday, February 8, 2018

If My Mantle Could Talk . . .

I have had my Vintage Mantle a few years.  Actually I don't really think it's very Vintage but who cares . . . 
Since I've had it there have been many makeovers.  This year for Valentine's I am going super simple.
I love the Boa that I bought at a resale shop for a song.  It is great to fill space.  I've added glittery hearts purchased at Hobby Lobby last year for pennies.  And Some homemade hearts that the darling grand son and I made a couple of years ago.  
This is him  with his 'MaMa' . . . 
Yes.   They are sitting in the bed of a truck on a Shabby Chic 
Chair with English riding boots at their feet.  
Crazy Huh?
I got of track though didn't I?  We were looking at the mantle!
It's decorated very simply with a couple of  my son and DIL's 
wedding photo's.  The sweet Love sign I got last year at Big Lot's super cheap.  
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The old stand by silver spray painted candle sticks and large vessel I have had for a few years.   They all have a story and if you care you could just go back through my archives and see how they each came to be a part of my 'go to' decor items.
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Well I'll take pitty on you and save you going through all the archives. . . (but you really should.  You've missed so much!)
The candles sticks I got out of a dumpster when we live in an apartment.  The big 'ole dumpster is the only thing I miss about apartment life.  Now in my defence they were right on top.  I noticed them and grabbed them up!  The were brown stain with some red, blue and green paint splatters.  I kept them 'as was' for 
awhile and then at Christmas I asked the Cowboy to paint them to look like Mercury Glass.  This is what I got.  It works.
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In his defense I guess the wood really would not have taken on the look. Now the vase is a different story.  But it got the same 'ole silver finish.  It looks good and I guess I didn't need mercury glass.
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I really have a reason for going fairly simple with the mantle. 
I am going to be taking it down in a few months.  So I might 
as well be putting away the treasures that find their way to 
decorate my 'room'.
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And no thank goodness I am not moving again!  We are getting 
married!  Well I'm not my daughter is!
# We're Planning A Texas Wedding!

And my sweet old not really Vintage Mantle is going to be the main attraction.  Well actually the Bride/Groom and The Ring 
Security will be the main attraction but the mantle will be 
the backdrop! 

And if my mantle really didn't have a lot to say I am sure that after May 5th there will be A Lot to talk about.
#We're Planning A Texas Wedding

And he wants to call him 'Daddy'
#We're Planning A Texas Wedding
Yes you know I am linking.
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Happy Valentines Day

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