Saturday, February 3, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Welcome.  Each week I join Sandra at Family Corner for her party
Happy Homemaker 
Sandra provides the prompts-I add a few of my own

The Weather

 Today looks like a winter day.  A bit cooler and cloudy. 

Right Now I  Am

Enjoying writing my post and forgetting about somethings that are on my mind

On my reading pile
On the Litfuse tour
Another print copy added to the pile.  I will be reviewing this 
one here toward the end of the month.

In the kitchen
 Always lots going on in the kitchen.  This week I want to set up a new baking station.  Maybe make some Valentines Cookies and dog cookies!

On the menu
Monday-Deer Camp Casserole, Fried Okra,Crusty Bread
(could not find even frozen okra last week.  Found some fresh at  Sprouts today. Yea!)
Tuesday -Chinese Chicken w/Broccoli, Fried Rice,Crab Sushi
Wednesday -Shrimp Alfredo, Salad, Bread
Thursday - Leftover Monday Casserole, Green Beans,Bread
Friday - Pizza  maybe?

Last weeks menu--What Worked/What Didn't

I need to add a new prompt:  What we ended up eating. 
This weeks menu should be easy just use last weeks!

On the menu
Monday--Chineese Chicken w/Brocolli, Fried Rice,Crab Suishi
Tuesday-- Fried Pork Chops, Rice, Black Eyed Peas ✔
Wednesday-- Deer Camp Casserole, Fried Okra, Crusty Bread
Thursday--Kid Friendly Chicken Strips, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
Friday-- Alfredo, Salad, Bread  Steak Baked, Potato, Spinach

In the garden
Lots of planning.  Lots of digging.  Lots of hauling pea gravel out!  
I was planning on planting the potatoes and onions today. But it is too chilly. 

Something fun to share
$1000 Expression Fiber Arts Yarn Giveaway
Click here to enter.

A new blog to share

Kapp's Kitchen
A fun recipe blog!  Click here.

My Ta Da List

Ta Da I finished my 1st block for the Crochet Along I joined

A linky party I just found

Brag About It | Tuesday | Linky Party
Tuesday through Saturday party.  Click here

In the craft basket
Finished block cor 2018 CAL. My first crochet block!
Finished my first bloc for the Crochet A Long. 
I wrote about it here. My block isn't perfect but I am pleased
as punch to have finished it!
Here's a link to the CAL2018
I join at the only a few days ago and so I didn't have to wait long for block 2.  Block 2 is almost done.  It was a huge challenge for 
me.  But I  have the hard part!

Fabulous Features at The Fabulous Party

Would you LOVE the idea of making meal planning quick and easy? Click through to find 10 tips that help us plan a whole month of dinners in as little as 30 minutes! #monthlymealplanning #mealplanning #organization #dinner
Great post!  I need these tips! Click here to read the post. 
 Sleeping with Frogs - Frogs ... they're everywhere! ... in their homes, in their beds, in their bowls, in their ovens—everywhere! Yet, when Moses, God's messenger comes to Pharaoh and asks when he'd like them removed, he says, "Tomorrow." "Just let me spend one more night with those frogs." How about you? Are there any frogs you're keeping around for another sleepover? #hardhearts #plagues
The title grabbed my attention!  Check out this devotional. 
Click here

From the camera
Saying farewell to a few friends.  They are all packed away and stowing away on a cruise ship till  Thanksgiving.  They love the high seas and the warm weather!

Devo./ Scripture
Scripture art and apparel at ♥ God bless you!

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and my other fav's.
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