Friday, February 9, 2018

Graciousness Tempering Truth With Love by John Crotts

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About the book 
Sometimes we have important things to say to other Christians, but if we deliver our message ungraciously, they won’t benefit from it. Author John Crotts points out that God cares about how we say what we say: “It is not enough always to say the truth; you must also say the truth in love.” In Graciousness, the author addresses Christians who are zealous for God’s truth yet struggle to communicate it graciously— in a loving way. Filled with practical instruction and wise insights, this book includes a biblical description of graciousness, with a look at positive examples and commands from the Bible and methods for cultivating graciousness in various areas of the Christian life. Be equipped to speak the truth in love!
Table of Contents:
1. Why This Issue Is Important for You
2. The Graciousness You Need
3. Learning from the Gracious Example of Jesus Christ
4. Learning from Paul
5. The Truth about an Ungracious Church
6. Cultivating Graciousness in Your Heart
7. Cultivating a Gracious Mind-Set toward Others
8. Cultivating Graciousness through Your Actions
9. Cultivating Graciousness in Community
10. The Gospel and Graciousness

And I thought
Lots of truth and wisdom in this small book.  At only 137 pages
it is an easy and fairly fast read. 
Some of the chapters are longer than others.  But it is a good and 
easy read. 
The topics subjects of the chapters are filled with practical application.  
Sometimes hard to tell the truth with graciousness.  Or speak to others in a gracious manner.
John Crotts has given the reader scripture backing up up stories and examples of how to be more gracious and speak in more of a loving manner when we speak and deal with others. 
This was a great book to share with others.  
A good book for a church library.  

I received a complimentary copy from Cross Focused Reviews
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