Friday, January 20, 2017

Thrifty/Frugal At The Grocery Store.

This week I worked at being more thrifty and frugal in the kitchen. 
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For me being Frugal and Thrifty begins with making a plan before I shop.  I make a weekly menu.  I share my post on Monday and join Sandra at Family Corner for Happy Homemaker Monday.  
I plan my menu based on what we already have on hand.  And what I find on sale.  
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I rarely purchase anything that isn't on sale.  And we eat well!
 If what I need isn't on sale I rethink my 'game plan'.
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                                        Aren't I cute. HeHe.  I can dream can't I?

All of our meat is bought on sale or marked down.  Last week the Cowboy found pork loins on deep discount.  He bought one and cut it up and put it in the freezer.  
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We are extremely lucky in that we live in an area that has every grocery store you could want.  Or in my case 'not want.  Here's the list of stores available to me.
Aldi I don't shop there. 
Sprouts most of my produce comes from Sprouts but only on sale.
Kroger my main 'haunt' 
Tom Thumb I/we shop the ads.  
Central Market I/we rarely shop at CM a little pricey but I will go there for special items.  The do have fantastic produce as well.
Albertson's  I/we purchase a lot of meat.  They have super sales. Other sale items are purchased.  But I have found Kroger is much cheaper and I like Krogers store brand items. 
Winco I/we like Winco for some items.  I love the bulk area.  Rice and Beans are super cheap!  The one in our area is super clean.  There are other locations we went to before the one was built by us that weren't as clean as I prefer. We didn't go back.
I like to go to Winco at Christmas time for special candys.   
The best day I have found to shop is a week day.  I like Wednesday.  It's a little like Walmart.  Very busy on the weekend.
Walmart I hardly ever go to Walmart.  I will go in for craft items or garden.  I never buy food.  Just don't like it.  
Traget We do not shop in Target.
Dollar Tree we have found some food items are great. The have a powder soup mix similar to Lipton Chicken.  Much cheaper 3 packs for $1.00. Lipton only has 2 and always over a $1.00.

It is convenient when you have so many options!  The Cowboy passes all of our favorites on his way to work so it's easy to stop in and check the marked downs!  We save alot.  
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We also have a freezer we will buy another one in the spring.  A freezer is great to have to fill up with bargains.  There are weeks that we don't even go to the store!  
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I don't freeze milk.  We rarely even buy milk.  Sometimes I get a hankerin' for cereal so I'll buy a gallon if it's on sale.  I did buy one last week.  Our grandson likes to have a bowl of cereal for a snack with me.  One of those things that just makes the day like a holiday.  

For cooking or baking I use powdered milk.  I can usually find it on sale and so I stock up.  Also my mother gets meals on wheels and she won't use the powdered milk so she gives it to me.  I can mix 8 oz for use in a recipe.   
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So that's a few ways that I am thrifty and frugal at the grocery store.  

I enjoy being Thrifty and Frugal.   
Do you?

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