Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Happy Homemaker With No Post

 This homemaker happily took a short road trip.  It started 
here . . . 
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We love our state of Texas.  There are wonderful things to do here. It's a great place to live.  The weather most of the time is pleasant.  When it's not we are thankful for A/C and heat!  

Over the weekend we took an impromptu road trip to . . . 
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I've never spent much time in Oklahoma.  I've driven through the state a few times.  

There is a lot to do and enjoy in the state.  More to share in another post.
We had a wonderful time.  I got a few pics.  Starting with the motel . . . 

Which we actually stayed in a total of 15 minutes.  Sorry I am keeping you on the edge of your seat.  But I loved the print above the bed and had to share it.  More on the fiasco in another post.  

And then there was this room/bed. . . 
Perfect for three sets of feet. To kick back and watch a little t.v. and share video's on the Kindle for a few hours.

Three generations . . . 
The wall decor was much better in the first motel.  

We had a lovely short visit with our son and grandson.   They were traveling from Missouri to Purcell, Oklahoma to deliver horses that my son had started to the trainer.  

It was a short but very fun visit.  And so this Homemaker is/was really happy even without a regular HHM post!  

Come back tomorrow for my Wordless Wednesday post and add a caption to the feet photo!
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