Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Sharing a few things that 'get me' this week . . . 
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I am Thankful that we are getting the opportunity to provide events
at the boys rehab/incarceration unit where we serve. 

The Cowboy is the Chaplain.  We provided weekly Sunday Services.  

We are planning a Valentines Theme Meal/Worship Service.  
It's been a couple of years since we've been able to do anything other than Sunday Services.  

I am Thankful for new volunteers that have already signed up to serve, bake cookies and attend! 

I am Thankful I live in Texas.  Although for us it is bitterly cold right now.  I love our seasons.   They don't last long.  In a few days it should be nice again.  

I am Thankful I live in a house.  

I am Thankful that I have 'dirt'.  On Sunday I will be buying onion 
sets to plant.  Not only do I have 'dirt' I have a green house.  
Can you believe it!  I can't!

I am Thankful that Michelle over at It's A Small Town Life is hosting Thankful Thursday. 

I am Thankful that as of today there are already 30 posts linked to the first party of 2017 at Our Holiday Journey.  The link is 
I am Thankful for B.J. because she was so sweet to make this photo for the party!  

I am Thankful that we will get a dog soon!  Yea!  

Do you have a big 'ole Thankful list?
You can share your list at Thankful Thursday 
over here at Michelle's

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