Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sharing My Space-Saga Of GiGi's Sewing Room

I had these grand plans for my sewing/crafting space when we moved into the house.

I planned a white color  palette with maybe a little pink. 

And then the first time our grandson walked into the room he took over the closet!  He decided it was a perfect space.  I think he liked the doors. 

We tried to convince him that a space in the The Cowboys room 
(aka the man cave) was a better option for him . . . 
Deer skins on the floor.  A canvas tarp as a background/tent.  Complete with a cord to plug in his phone.  Swords and shields.
Our idea was a tent feel.  Complete with . . . 
Canon.  Jack Sparrow left it here after Halloween last year. HeHe

 : o
I managed to get one photo before he started migrating to the living room...
Apparently he wasn't too into cannon's and deer skins.  This is the space he seems to prefer...
He really doesn't care it's a girly table which was actually a vanity.   Painting is on my list of spring projects.
I am so glad I made a tree of lights. Which wasn't an easy task.
The first thing he does when he gets here is go in and turn on the lights. 
He even asks to eat in his little room...
He made a phone holder from large duplo blocks...
The added lights were perfect...
He figured out he could plug his phone into the string of lights.  

I suggested putting a dry erase board up when I take down the Christmas tree lights.  He wasn't too enchanted.  Then I suggested
lighted up barbed wire shapes, or anything! great re-purposed idea!:
Not much of a response.  I gave up.  And got to thinking.  Maybe I'll dig out the ice lights I didn't use at Christmas.    Hmm.....

Back to my white color palette and bling after all. . .  

Stay tuned for the next chapter in the saga of GiGi's sewing room.

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