Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sweet Smiles Make You Smile

Oh those faces . . . 

. . . they smile at me everyday.  I only have to turn my chair around and take a break from the key board and I see this.
I have a small collection of snowmen.  I was noticing the other days the smiles on their faces.  I guess they are just happy they make me smile . . .Or maybe it's because my sewing/crafting room is so warm and cozy!
My collection started a few years ago actually back in 2000.  Gosh I didn't realize it's been that long.  My daughter graduated that year so that's how I remember we were living in Missouri.
This sweet little guy was the start of my collection.  He has the sweetest smile.  He is a music box.  This snowman was a gift from a friend.  I was teaching classes in my home and did a soft sculpture Snowman class.  That was the beginning of the Snowman collection.
My daddy painted me one.  He was a wood worker.  In their later years my parents traveled to craft shows all over Tennessee.
The little cloth doll in the front my DIL made in 2001.  I was teaching in a shop by then that was for sale.  I had a dream of opening a 'real' quilt shop. (never opened that shop. God had a bigger plan) So my DIL helped by making samples.  The stacking hat box Snowman is one of my favorites.  Actually I bought him sometime in the late '90's from Current.  The little guy 
hanging on the box is an ornament.  Not sure where he came from.
Here's a closer shot.  I ran some jute through the hanger and just stuck the end in the box so he could dangle over the edge. 
He's raising his hands and saying "Weeeeeeee"
The hat box holds mugs from Kirkland's after Christmas last year. 
90% off I think maybe they were $4.00
The tower stand a garage sale find I think is a C.D. holder.  
The four shelves hold some of my favorites.  
Actually I love them all.
Look at those cute faces!
I think this one is meant to be a candle holder.  I've never put a candle in it.  Look at his silly face.  
 :   :

A couple new ones thrifted last week.  Marked $4.00.  I paid .40.
What a cutey with his little snowflake!
Another one made by my DIL.  This one is made from a sock and filled with rice.  

And lastly I have to share my silliness.  Let's see if your smarter than me...
I bought this wire tree with the snowmen last year because I was doing a collection of trees on my kitchen counter in the apartment. 
yes that is a bunny peeking through.  There are always bunny's all over my house. 
Do you know what it is?  I didn't until this year when I was setting up the table of Santa and the kids photo's. 
  If you look close at the top you can see the snapshot of my son kind of floating in the air.   Duh it is a Christmas card holder!  Or in the case snap shots holder!  

So that's my small collection of Snowmen.  I hope you enjoyed the visit.  I am off now to go to my favorite thrift store.  Maybe I'll find a few new friends!

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