Thursday, January 19, 2017

What's For Dinner?

Don't you love those days when you make plans and they go awry?

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Mom's can you relate!  I never thought of monkey brains. 

But did you know where Brussel Sprouts come from? 
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And did you know that those really aren't  pearl onions in the peas.
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Can you guess it?  Why baseball's of course! 

So I guess your wondering why I started this post with when plans go awry.  I might be cooking the monkey brains for dinner after all.
Because the Cowboy cooked what I had planned for his lunch.  

Makes me wish I had a printer so I could make a really cool menu like this.  
But alas I'll have to resort to just writing it down and putting on the fridge.   I guess in all fairness I shouldn't be annoyed because I didn't stick to the menu this week anyway.  But the good news is the Spaghetti I planned for Wednesday we'll just cook tonight. 

All's well and no monkey brains!  Yea!
So do you plan a menu?
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