Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why I Wish You A Good Day


Good Morning . . .
  I hope your   having a fabulous day.  Lately when I haven't been able to post I've been leaving you with a Have a good day greeting.

I hope you've enjoyed my little greetings they are from some archived pins and photo's I've had on my phone.  
I've collected these greetings for my daughter and I send them to her to cheer her up and wish her a good
❤Pig❤ She has a pot belly pig.  I thought this was too cute so I thought I would share here too. 
Lately I've had to spend more time either with my grandson on working on projects.  I finished an I Spy quilt
for him last night.

 It's been a bit of a challenge the last few months.  My daughter is divorced.  The last couple of months there has been a battle over visitation.  Thankfully Praise God it has been worked out.  Thankfully my grandson will see his dad only with court staff supervision.

The entire situation is a really, really long story.  That I wish I could tell you. In fact if it would help you or benefit you or someone you love I will gladly share our story.  

Teasingly we've had all said we could right a screen play for a Lifetime movie.  Seriously there have been times it was exactly like a bad movie.  And, it is/was a serious situation.

And, we face the results tomorrow.  My 7 year old grandson will be having surgery to repair damage to his hip.   He has been in a wheel chair for the past 2 months while the doctors were consulting and making decisions about a course of action.  This will be the first of at least 2 maybe more surgeries.

The sad thing is.  It didn't have to happen.  My daughter beats herself up about the situation.  Even though she knows there was nothing she could do it's difficult to see him in pain.  It's difficult to tell him
he can't go to karate class anymore.  It's difficult to face surgery tomorrow.

And so I send her Have a Good Day greetings.

And because I am busy sometimes and can't post or just don't know what to write about  I leave you with a
Have a Good Day greeting. . .
*friendship kiss*

                             Happy Trails
                Lusitano Ozo: photo by Christiane Slawik
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