Saturday, June 6, 2015

Five Minute Friday--Gift

For Five Minutes just write . . .
Start . . . 
A free gift for some it is so hard to accept.  The gift of eternally life.  You only have to believe.
It's hard to imagine no matter what you've done.  It's hard to imagine that the person that gives the gift 
gave his life.  Christ.  Just speaking his name makes me feel awe.  To imagine what he did to offer the
gift.  Every Sunday to a group of 12-17 year old boys that are in prison we offer the gift. We share
with them how much God loves them. How sweet and precious the gift is.  We tell them that no matter what they've done they can accept the  because they are accepted.  They can't believe it.  The can't believe that God will forgive them for the mistakes they've made.  But it's true it's a special gift just waiting to be opened.
Five Minute Friday is a special gift offered by Kate.   Take five minutes and write on a given topic.  It's a chance to write what comes to mind without any extra stressing or worrying about getting it right.  No editing etc.  Here's what Kate says . . .

This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

Just write.

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  I dried your tears at night when no one was looking. My child, I've been with you the entire time. I'd never leave your nor forsake you because you are a child of God. The love I have for you is immeasurable by any human aspect. And I'd climb onto that cross again for you if I had to. The beauty I see in you is not of this world, but of God. And that same beauty is in each and every child of God on Earth. Look in the mirror, my child, and see what I see...A precious and wonderful gift...You! 
All My Love,
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. . .I sat with Peter, our oldest, and he asked questions and really listened to the answers I shared. He sought my thoughts. I understood anew that this motherhood journey? 
. . .It’s a huge gift.But God has given me the gift of walking with these two boys—who drain me dry some days—through the struggles, through the joys that will be theirs.                                               May I hold each day -struggle or easy-as the gift God intended it to be.                                                                        Click Here to read Jeanna's post. 
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Lars Kr√łgholt said...

Hi, I am Lars your neighbor in Five Minutes Friday. Thanks for the great post. Just like you I cannot be anything but filled with awe over the free Gift Jesus has given to us.