Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Cat With ____ Lives

The Cat with 9  Lives ...

We've lost count on how many lives this cat has used up.  The saying goes 9 lives.  He's crept
past 9 by a long shot.

Rascal has quite a history.   He came to live with us as a kitten.  I searched and searched for a couple of
the earliest pics of him and couldn't find them.  When I stumble across them I'll have to add them for part two.

This is one of the earliest ones.  I guess he is probably about 2.  This shot was taken around Christmas.
He came to live with us at Christmas . . .

He immediately became best friends with Daisy.   He does three things all day.
Beg to be petted.  Nap.  Mess with Daisy.  And of course eat and the other thing!

Laying around with Daisy.    Odd huh?  They are in our game room through the tile is the living room and rest of the house.  The screen keeping them in is an old fireplace screen I think.  It is metal and has scroll work.  He could easily go through but he never did.  He stayed with Daisy.

I couldn't find the original photo but look in the upper right corner.  They are in the same room with out the fence.  Rascal is right beside Daisy!

A typical cat settling in for a nap.

He seems to love this leather furniture.  Anytime he can he is on it.  He's never been one to scratch furniture.
He's a smart cat.  He knows he would loose another of those lives if he did!

Look who's is next to him in all these shots.

His other favorite thing is to sleep on quilts in progress.  I use my bed to lay out quilts that I am working on.
Around her a quilt isn't a quilt until the cat has napped on it.

Sometimes my work has to stop to allow for a cat nap.  Other times I have to do the unthinkable and wake him up.

And then he attacks the quilt.

And acts all innocent.

His favorite person is our grandson.  They love each other.

The one time he doesn't take a nap is when Zane is around and not napping.

Rascal and Daisy both love it when the Christmas lights come out.  They are usually in the way during the decorating.  We were trying string lights on the stairs and he was all up in the middle.

He likes to give his opinion on fabric choices for quilts.

Napping under the table
A sleeping cat is almost as sweet as a sleeping baby.

Everyone loves Rascal.

He loves to snuggle in a blanket for a nice nap.

He is  even so thoughtful he tells me there is no need to make the bed.  He'll sleep in all day.

Rascal is a sweet and special cat.  Come back to read about his other lives and how he came to live with us.

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eileeninmd said...

Rascal, Daisy and your grandson are all so cute! They all have a loving home! Wonderful collection of images. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

Gayle said...

Love the shot down Rascal's back - great markings.

Unknown said...

He's a very handsome cat!

Adam Jones said...

What a cute looking cat.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo story. Rascal is a cat with lots of personality. He and Daisy are adorable together.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

What a great friend! And he is lucky to have all of you.