Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Sunday mornings are spent with 20 or more young men in a juvenile prison unit.  It is an amazing time
watching drug dealers and gang members sing and praise.  And pray.

We've learned alot about Christian music.  We don't use song books or hymnals.   We are like most current churches with a t.v. screen displaying the words.  Our music is a little different.  Our music is displayed via
you tube videos.  I have learned alot.  I can recognize LaCrae and Toby Mac some of the favorites. 

I remember a few years ago when my daughter was in college going to a local mega church.  We were there for an evening service.  We were actually early which never happened.  She got up to go to the restroom and came back all excited.  "Mom I think the News Boys are here."  I didn't share her excitement.  I had no clue 'who' the newsboys were.  I'd heard of them I knew they were 'hot' but I couldn't tell you a song they sang.  She had seen a kiosk in the lobby displaying records.  Sure enough she was right they performed that evening.  Later I couldn't tell you any of the songs they sang although I did recognize a few. I  enjoyed the music and listened to christian radio but I just didn't know who was who.

Today I could probably pick them out in a crowd. LOL.  They perform almost weekly at our service and with their help our boys learn to Beleive.
                                                          Image result for newsboys   

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