Friday, June 12, 2015

Good Fences--Don't Fence Me In

A Cowboy needs a good fence . . .  A choice is made.  Based on?
Need?  Durability?  Finances?  Sometimes just going along with whats already there.
Today I am sharing a variety of fences used to 'hold in' the  Blue Roan . . .
Blue Roan Sabino. <3
An excellent choice. The pipe fence.  Strong and durable.  Maintenance free.  Except for occasional paint.
Gorgeous blue roan quarterhorse.
Another good choice.  Wood is strong and durable but can be dangerous if damaged.  And much more
maintenance is required.  
blue roan quarter horse - Google Search
A pretty wood fence can show off a property.  But a poorly constructed fence can be dangerous.
A horse can easily run through a wood fence causing sever injury
Beautiful Blue Roan...My Final Notice
Not sure how to classify pipe and wire.  Pipe is an excellent choice.  However this wire type of fence can be
dangerous.  Horses are notorious for getting a leg caught in a fence.  I think if I had this beauty I'd be thinking about some strong safe fences.

SD BLUE SUEDE Australia's first true blue roan stallion! | High ...
                                           High Street Gypsy Cobs in Australia Click Here
Amazing beautiful horse.   My least favorite fence.  Barbed wire is meant to hold in cattle.  Not horses.
This is a strong well maintained fence but it is a dangerous fence.  I've seen riders fall off horses onto
barbed wire fencing.  It is extremely dangerous.
Tennessee Walking Horse, Lite Shod, Blue Roan. There is a difference between Walkers and Rackers look at the gait on the Walker the hind leg oversteps the front on a true WALK!!
 Tennessee Walking Horse  Click Here
Another strong built wooden fence.
My Final Notice- Blue Roan-Riverside Ranch | AQHA World Champion and Sire
More pipe and wire
Blue Roan Quarter Horse Stallion, Black Hawke for sale

Blue roan quarter horse

Banjoboonsmal  (Peptoboonsmal x KR Banjo Lena)  2007 Blue Roan AQHA Gelding

Gypsy MVP | Blueboy | Gypsy Vanner Gelding for Sale | Blue Roan

Gypsy Blue Boy        Source
Gypsy Vaneer Click Here
Whatever the choice it takes some good fences to keep a horse safe.

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Roan horse in the lupine field.----what an absolutely gorgeous color


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