Monday, June 1, 2015

Blue Monday Blog Makeover

Sorry I didn't give you a fabulous Blue Monday post to wake up to this morning.  I have a million reasons why.  And, I love you my faithful followers and I will not bore you with all those reasons.   Except one . . .

I bet you already guessed.  I've been doin' a Makeover . . .
For my old friends like Sally and many others you've seen this pic.  But, I love it and I am Happy to have it back.
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A few weeks ago I returned after a waaaaay tooooo lonnnnnnnng absence!  I wrote a post about how my computer had been acting up and one day it miraculously just started working.  Seriously we heard this beep and we look at it and it was awake.  Glad we had left if plugged in.  Prior to it's little  long nap it just decided not to let me make any changes to my template.  I could add words and 3rd party function (your blog buttons etc.) but it wouldn't load photo's from my computer.

Weird huh?  I am not savvy at all.  In fact.  Everything I do here is trial and error and from hints I get from other bloggers.
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Well like I said one day the sun was shinning on me because my computer just started working again.  The Cowboy swears he didn't do anything to it but I wonder.
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Anyway I am back and it's allowing me to load photo's.  So here's my old photo header.  I just love it!
I hope you enjoy it.  I'll leave it up until I get an itch to play around with it again.

There is a little Blue so Sally I hope you don't mind if I link.  The background is kinda Blue sort of.

Now I haven't figured out how to stretch that photo to fill that whole space.  If anyone knows how I would love a hint! 

Hope you all have a fabulous week!  Now that I am back I am posting and visiting everyday so come by and see me.  Leave me a comment and let me know you were here.

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                                                             Happy Trails 
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