Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Alphabet Thursday F is for Festus Missouri

America the Beautiful . . . there are some amazing out of  the way places that make America beautiful.
Join me in Touring Festus, Missouri.                                
We became acquainted with this little town when we lived about an hour away in Potosi, Mo.  We drove through Festus on our way to a bigger city for shopping.

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Quiet small town living . . .
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         Except on Friday nights . . . 
When we lived there Festus was the place to go and cruise . . .

I couldn't help but think  American Graffiti.  I kept expecting see Ronny Howard.  Wishin' to see
Harrison Ford. hehe.

Now a days they have organized events.  Kinda of takes away from the charm.

They have a beautiful city park for picnics and fun in the sun . . .
 It's a nice lush green area.  But humid.  When we arrived in the area(Postic,Mo) it was one of the most humid days of the years.  I thought I had moved to Houston.

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A great place for photos.

    Jaden Reddick

All things aren't always fun and easy in Festus . . . 
Festus: Missouri Flooding, Severe Storm (DR-995)
The 1993 flood.   Homes, businesses, and personal property were all destroyed by the high flood levels. A total of 534 counties in nine states were declared for federal disaster aid. As a result of the floods, 168,340 people registered for federal assistance. 

Festus: Missouri Flooding, Severe Storm (DR-995)

There are some interesting places to live in Festus . . .

This is an interesting house with an interesting history.  The house is built in a cave.  Before it became a private residence it was a concert venue . . .

 and a roller skating rink . . .


Off the beaten path America does have some Beautiful places to visit.

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                               Happy Trails
                                   Photos: Clydesdales at Cards' Home Opener....feeling good in this spring weather!

Join me next week for a tour featuring these gentle giants for Letter G.
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