Sunday, February 8, 2009

A word to the wise

Welcome to my new look. All I can say is it is pink and has a sort of Valentines Day look. Please come on in and stay awhile....I promise it really isn't as boring or out there as it seems right now. At least it's pink.

Once again I have tried to be current and up to date and make my blog fun and pretty and goofed! This time I lost all my widgets and photos and friends list. So, I'll be spending Monday fixing all the mess I made tonight. A word to the wise back it all up.
I tried just switching templates from the same source and I didn't back it up. That was dumb, dumb, dumb. I even got this little messsge that said you are about to delete all your widgets. If you ever get that message head it and stop.
One more little bit of advise. Never try this when you tired. Which is the state I am in right now.
So tongith I give up and let it rest till morning.
If you visiting and stubble over here my archives are still there. Please enjoy your visit. Hopefully the content will make up for the boredom.
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