Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tacklin' Life on Tuesday

Today I am tacklin' projects including:
.Working on blog (still need about 4 hours of quiet all alone to complete)
.Kitchen redo project to post for Kelli's Show and Tell Friday
.Organizing fabric in sewing room so I can start sewing again.
.Working on My Home Sanctuary and posting the above two projects there.

Thank you for all my dear sweet friends and visitors. I am looking forward to sharing with you all my new look and invite you to visit me at My Home Sanctuary. There I will be writing posts about Home Making. How I work at trying to make my Home a Sanctuary.

My Journey will continue. This place is where I will focus on My Journey to a closer walk with Christ. I invite you along the Journey. I pray that you will be Blessed by what you read. And that if you don't have a relationship with Christ that you will be drawn near to him.

Blessings on the Journey
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