Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Don't post is below but help me out. Is it only my computer or does my blog load really slow! I hope in a way it is only me but does that mean my computer is sick? Please leave me a comment...enjoy Thankful Thursday

I love creative bloggers that come up with great ideas like Thankful Thursday.
Iris is one of those creative people.
Thank you God for Iris because she encourages me to be thankful for:

A kind a patient husband who is much more patient with me than I am with him. And for Sandra at Diary of a SAHM because she is doing a 31 Days of Prayer for Husbands.

I am thankful that it is Thursday and I have one more day to complete the projects and get things done that I planned this week. Friday I spend the morning and early afternoon working at the local foodbank. And usually when we get home we nap the rest of the afternoon. It is hard work!

I am thankful for pets. I just love all my pets. My dog Daisy. The new bunnies we have. I love my horse Pal. And I love my landlords dogs. We have been pet sitting this week and Daisy is having so much fun!

I am thankful that it is one day closer to spring. And if wishes came true I would wish it would be spring all year long!

I am thankful that God is patient with me too. Because I am so bad. I keep doing those things that I keep asking forgiveness for. You know things like speaking before thinking or asking God's direction. Things like worrying. The list could go on and on but this is a Thankful post isn't it?

I am thankful for you guys that come by and visit and encourage.

What are you thankful for today? But before I go I want to leave you with this photo. I hope it makes you smile.

On a Journey of Thankfulness

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