Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saturday Show and Tell on Tuesday

I wanted to do this Saturday and didn't get to so this is a late Show and Tell. I loved Kim's idea of showing a special gift from our husbands. It goes along with the quest to pray for our husbands that Sandra is hosting. So I didn't want to miss out on this post. And, I wanted all my friends to know too that you can Show and Tell on Saturday! Visit Kim. She has a really fun blog.

I couldn't choose one favorite gift. Here are a few!

First is one of my favorite ever pets. My Rhett Butler. He was a Flemish Giant Rabbit. He was the sweetest bunny I have ever had. He was a mothers day present.

And next are two really special gifts

First our son. He is our oldest. This is him and his family. This photo was taken just before our 1st grand daughter was born. (I'll be posting pretty baby girl photo's soon)

Next our beautiful daughter. I could not have asked for a better daughter. She is an amazing Godly woman. A fantastic mother and wife.

And last but not least...

His heart.

Thank you God for the loving,giving and open heart of my Cowboy. Thank you for the wisdom and yearning for you that you placed in heart.
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