Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My Fall Retreat

Good morning and Welcome to the the blog.  Today I am sharing my new Fall Retreat. 

I have thought and thought about what to call this room.  We've gone from Green House to Out Door Room to Cabin space.  

Well maybe you can give me an idea!

The room is a perfect cozy space. 
Especially now that I have a new cozy love seat.

It's one of those so ugly it's cute pieces. 
My daughter bought a few years ago.  She asked me to store for her and so it's now in my cozy room!

I got the new chairs a month ago and just hadn't had the time to photo.  They were my little shabby chic side of the room until the love seat came.  
Now I think the whole room is pulled together. 

I paid $50.00 for the pair. 
I was disappointed the wooden piece between them I had to turn on it's side to fit.  It would look better the other way but the chair on the right is by the door.  
I don't want the dog rubbing it going in and out. 

During the summer the table was sitting where the love seat is now. 
I had already moved it to get ready for Christmas. 
It's set ready for a little fall supper. 

And after supper while the Cowboy watches video's I can have a glass of wine and read a book!

I love my Fall Retreat.

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