Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

In the kitchen

In the garden

Welcome Monday!
Each week I share a few plans and join Sandra and a few others for a fun little party...


The Weather
Fall ahhhh!  I realize that Fall is my favorite time of the year here in Texas.  Don't get me wrong I love Texas but in Fall the weather is cool and crisp and mostly dry.  

We are in the 70's most days.  With a cold snap or two that doesn't last more than a day.  Ahhh.  Texas in Fall.  Nothing better. 

Right now I  am
Thinking of the week ahead and all the things I want/need to do.
I am realizing I need to shorten my work schedule.  I am just praying that we can work it out.  

On the menu
My favorite part of planning my week and sharing with you! 
Monday- Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potato's and Green Beans
Tuesday- Leftover Brisket, Beans, Cornbread, Slaw
Wednesday- Seafood Bisque and a crusty bread from a mix
Thursday- Hamburgers, fries etc.
Friday- Can I go out?

In the kitchen
A recipe to try one day.  This looks sooooo yummy!
Apricot Glazed Bacon Wrapped Cajun Pork Tenderloin - Maybe an idea for Thanksgiving.
Apricot glazed Cajun Wrapped Pork Tenderloin . . 
Oh this one looks sooo good.  The recipe is here

In the garden
No pics not much going on.  
I have planted
12 mums 8 small and 2 medium size
1 butterfly bush marked down to 3.00
I have kale, broccoli and cabbage in the greenhouse waiting to go outside when I get the energy!

On my reading pile
 The book that I am just itchin' to read this week!
Twofer Murder by [Carr, Lauren]
I got my print copy the other day.  Not on tour till December!
This one will be hard to ignore for awhile!

Something fun to share
I am hosting a Christmas Card Exchange.  The sign up begins on the 1st.  I hope you'll join.  It's super simple.  You decide how many cards you want to send! 5,10,20 or to the entire list. 
You decide if you want to send store bought or 'make' cards or post cards.  
You decide if you want to mail out of the U.S.  
All the details will be posted on Wednesday!  I hope you'll join!

Fabulous Features
Easy Delicious Vegetarian Chili
Welcoming Dara and her yummy chili.  I want to try this one. 
Visit her blog here

Fabulous Feature
DIY red Kitchen Island made from an old radio stand @GrandmasHousDIY
 Check out this Fabulous redo over here

In the craft basket  
Quilts and lots of fabric for quilts.  I am finishing the Houston project for delivery in a week. 
I will be starting a project for Scottish Rite Hospital

From the camera
Devo./ Scripture
 Establish The Work . . .
 I have shared this one before but it is fitting for this week!
Have A Good Week!

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