Monday, October 2, 2017

Beloved Hear My Heart by Lawrence Sankar-Book Review

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Beloved Hear My Heart is a collection of thirty thought provoking messages, all carefully written with a very poetic flavor. Its singular objective is to engage the reader in a very sober conversation.
It is my hope that the vivid illustrations and analogies contained therein will challenge each reader to reverently undertake a personal task of self-introspection.
It is indeed a clarion call from the Creator God, to the creature mankind to return to the Biblical principles divinely proclaimed within the Word of God. Topics covered include: A Sense of Righteous Urgency, The Lord’s Amnesty, The Moral Arc of Civility, The Timeless Message of Repentance, and Making a Difference in an Indifferent Society.
And I thought 
This was an interesting book for me.  I was not what I expected. 

Reading the title I was interested in reading it and hoping that it would bring me closer to God. 

I can't really say that it did.  

I was looking for a devotional type book.

Most of the book is written in a really poetic style which doesn't appeal to me.  

The 31 messages (as the synopsis describes) are written as personal writings with personal notes at the end of each.  In each section of notes the author follows up the installment with scripture to support his thoughts.  

Sadly I did find a few grammatical errors which made me wish that it had been edited better.  

The content is good and someone that is into deep reading would enjoy it.   

For me right now it just wasn't a good fit.   

The author shared his heart and his desire and longing to share his faith.  

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