Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Thoughts/Tips on Mopping Part 1

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I don't dress like this when I mop.
In fact I don't even own heels anymore!
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There was a time that I truly despised mopping my floors. For 
a short while we lived in a beautiful home.  I loved everything about the house except the floors!  The huge entry, den, huge kitchen, laundry and a powder room were all white tile.  
I labored over that floor . . . Image result for vintage lady mopping 
It/I wasn't pretty.  
I was grumpy.   I was annoyed every time I started the task. 
Back in the day this is the way you mopped . . . 
Image result for vintage lady mopping   Actually  I used a mop for most of the house only doing it on my poor little knees in the kitchen/laundry room because it was always so dirty.  2 dogs and a cat track in a bunch of dirt. 

And so as I grumbled one day I did something different.
Praying for Myself (free printable prayer guide)
I actually prayed that I would enjoy mopping.  I prayed while I mopped.  I thanked God for the beautiful house that he had given us.  
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I didn't realize it until many, many years later.  Actually I realized it only a few short weeks ago. 

 I like to mop
I clean houses now.  It's a good thing I like to mop. It's a better thing that God listens and answers prayers!

 Having the right and proper tools is a big plus.   Tomorrow I'll be sharing with you the mopping system(s) that I prefer.  

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