Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Veggie Garden Day Book/Outdoor Wednesday

I have a few photo's of the veggie garden to share today with a little update . . . 
Marigolds as companions for the tomatoes are growing nicely and really ready to be repotted!
I'm thinking of planting in the top of the hanging tomato planters.
Planting 3 of the carrots.  These are up and ready to be repotted.  A couple of bunnies were over seeing their start.  They did well sitting here on the fireplace.  With the door open or the blinds open they get a lot of  sun.
Here's a close up.  They appear to be a little spindle.  I think that this container I used didn't give them enough of a root system.  I hope they survive the transplant.
Look at my salad greens!  They are doing so great!  I harvested some for our dinner.
Another lettuce. If you look really, really close beside the marker in the top you can see planting 3 of the carrots.  These aren't as spindly as the ones planted indoors.
Another lettuce.  This is a romaine was actually bought at the store and I re-rooted it.
This is the 2nd tomato that we planted in the hanging planter.  It is a large variety. I think it already has 3 blooms.  This the plant I'm thinking of planting a marigold in the top.
This poor little tomato.  Is the one that feel off the 2nd story and landed on the cement drive.  It survived and trying to hang on.
Sorry for the tacky looking dirty. I should have swept before taking photo's!

I am hoping to plant a hyacinth been by the base of this stand so it 
will climb up and cover the tacky looking stand. 

All in all I've had a few disappointments. The cucumbers didn't make it.  But the Cowboy noticed today that the original carrots
plantings finally sprouted!

Look really close and you can see the sprouts!  These are the seeds that my grandson planted. 
Plant mosaic 2:

What a smile.  He was really proud of his planting.  
T:           I can't wait to show him the seeds sprouted!
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