Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday

I've been a little awol lately.  Not writing as many posts.  
I thought I share what I've been up to.
I am indeed Thankful for many things like . . . 
I thought this photo was just too cute.  It's from an article on saving for a rainy day.   I didn't read it.  Just borrowed the pic.

I like pigs. Do you?  

Anyway I'm not saving for a rainy day right now.  I am thankful that I did have to go out into the rain today . . . 
Nope not me.  I don't have a cute yellow rain coat.  Or adorable red bag or red boots.  I did have red boots once.  Back in the day.  
Waaaaay back in the day.  Like in the '70's.  I might have been this cute then.  But that was a looooong time ago. 

These days I were the new Skeechers and my feet still hurt.  
And they'll be hurting a lot more in the weeks to come.  

I am going back to Preschool.
Image result for preschool
  I wish I could be the sweet little kids without a care in the world.  But I'll be the teacher instead. 

I'm thankful for the job.  I'm thankful for the income.  So I can fill that little pink pig.  

And I'm really thankful that I'll probably be teaching PreK 4. 

 That's 4 year olds turning 5.  Hopefully alot less physical than 18 months to 2 1/2.

I'm thankful to have a job.  I'm grateful that God opened doors and lead me where he wants me to be.

It's not exactly what I was leaning toward.  I wanted anything other than Pre-school.  But when God opens doors I march through. 

So I'm building up strength and determination.  And stocking up on the tylenol.  And I'm trudging through.

And once I have a few bucks in that little pig I'll get me and Daisy new boots . . .


I'll try really hard not to be awol.  I think I'll actually do better because I'll be on a schedule. 

I work better with schedules.  Do you?  

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