Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

I love to join Sandra each week and share my plans for the week.  I am truly a Happy Homemaker.     I love that job . . . 
The weather . . . 
Rain is predicted.  It's a little cloudy and dark looking but very still.
It was windy last night.  Thought the rain would hit but not a drop.
My weather app isn't working so not sure the temp. right now. 
65 lovely degrees 
Right now . . . 
Sitting at my computer. Drinking a glass of tea because I am out of Dr. Pepper.  

Thinking . . . 
It's hard to put into words.  I learned yesterday that a blogging friend passed away.  I was/am truly sad.  I was really sad because I didn't know.  I'm glad that another friend wrote a post.  Today I'm writing the prompts in Blue for Smiling Sally of Blue Monday.  I will really miss her and her weekly party. 

On My T.V.
I learned that Hallmark usually has movies on Saturdays so I recorded a couple.  We watched a couple episodes of Guy's Grocery Games yesterday and last night.  And we watched 
another cooking contest show that I don't know the name. It's the one where chefs mentor.  We've watched it a few times. It's coming close to the end. 

On The Menu . . . 
honestly haven't even thought about it.  It's a no budget this week
extra bills, and car problems so very little shopping.  Probably eatingly mostly out of pantry and freezer . . . 
Monday-- Pork Chops, Baked Potatoes and Green Beans
Tuesday-- Chicken Breasts no idea how or what I'll put with them.
possibly fried zuchini but I need cornmeal.
Wednesday-- Spahgetti
Thursday-- Salmon
Friday-- The Cowboy gets paid on Thursday maybe we'll go out to eat or pick up a steak

On My To Do List . . . 
1.We are planting a veggie garden.  Moving a stainless shelf from the garage to the patio for the garden.  I want to get a lot in so I'm having to go vertical.  
2. A little sewing.  Or alot if I can!
3. More cleaning.  More organizing.  More discarding.
4.  Dropping some things at resale today. 

Looking Forward To This Week . . . 
Our carrots sprouting!

Looking Around The House . . . 
A quiet morning.  I didn't wash dishes last night so I need to get that done. 

From The Camera . . . 
I shared this last week for Wordless Wednesday.  We took super boy with us to the garden center.  He actually planted the carrot seeds.  

On My Prayer List . . . 
Sally's family.

Bible Verse, Devotional . . .
can I borrow Sandra's?  I love this one . . . 
        Joining Sandra at Happy Homemaker Monday.  Click here to visit and join. 
                      Wishing You a Blessed Week


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