Monday, July 27, 2015

My Love/Hate Relationship

updated:Blogger or Wordpress ... Where do you blog? 
Yes. I do have a Love/Hate relationship...
and it is with Blogger and Google.   Yep.  They drive me nuts.  I'm wondering if all this annoyance
is what causes Bloggers to change to Wordpress.
                              This isn't my typical post.  And, it might not fit into your wonderful linky parties and I hope you don't mind but I am linking at all the parties I can find!  Because I need your help.
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I seriously am not in the mood to deal with learning something new.  And I seriously love my blog.
                                                             Image result for my journey back the journey back blog

But I am  frustrated and totally annoyed.   The newest issue is for some reason every time I try to
post a photo from my computer I get an error message.  I end up having to completely exit out of  blogger.
And then re-enter.  So far since I 'save' alot I haven't lost anything.  But this is annoying.

Also besides annoying I can't use Picmonkey or Picaso which are my sources for cropping, adding text and
making Mosaics.
                               And I found out this morning when I tried to link it won't let me link.                                                                  
Here are my questions .  . .
1. Does anyone know how to fix the error message? (is this happening to anyone else?)

2. What is so fabulous about Wordpress?

3.  Should I change?  

4.  Is it worth all the 'learning curves"?  

5.  Will my Friends still follow?

So that's it.  Can you help me?          I hope you have a wonderful day.

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