Thursday, July 2, 2015

They Just Make Me Happy . . .

Fences. They make Tex happy.  I enjoyin' makin' Tex happy.  But I really enjoy what
is behind the fences . . .

So we were driving to church on Sunday and I saw the perfect shot.  But I didn't have my phone out and I was on the other side of the car.

This is the shot I got an hour and a half later . . .                      
And then The Cowboy whistled . . .
                                    Precious in my sight
The shot I missed he was closer to the fence standing looking straight on across the road at the neighbor horses.  

So you know what I am doing next Sunday?  I plan to have my phone in my hand ready for a shot!

Well since I've got PicMonkey open I think I'll play around a little . . . 

                                                        I Heart the Neighbors
     Oh he's so cute.  Isn't Pic Monkey fun.  I really want to make a mosaic but with only a couple of shots.
Hmm.  How about a few friends?
A couple of shots from my archives.  

I enjoy playing with PicMonkey to display my photo's a little more artsy.  
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