Monday, July 6, 2015

Do You Remember . . .

So we were doing this last night. Our local grocery had crawfish on sale.  So we bought a bunch and boiled it up.  Then we had to clean it to get ready for recipes.

And I thought of this movie . . .

The Cowboy says I am nuts.  Well actually he knows I am this just proved his point.
So he says  . . . "Why is cleaning crawfish reminding you of this movie?  Oh it's because  I remind you of Richard Gere!"
To which I responded.  "In your dreams."  That's what I wanted  to say.  But then he would have come back with something smart.  So I just told him the truth.

"Because don't you remember they ate crawfish?" 

 Who but a Richard Gere fan remembers these things?
I mean seriously.  I searched and searched and couldn't find a photo of them eating crawfish.

But here are a few I did find.

Hand cuff me anytime!
And drag me through a swamp . . .

If I could do this!
Typical Richard Gere.  There was a lot of romance . . .

I remember this scene.  Just after they escaped this . . .

Which led to this . . .

Romance and shoot 'em up!  What more could you want?

Yep I'm a fan of Richard Gere.  I remember his movies even from 1983.

I guess it's like mother remembering . . .

Do you know who this heart throb is?

So what did we do with the crawfish?   A little gumbo and a little Etouffee and  I have pics. I'll show you later.
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