Friday, July 3, 2015

A Few Blocks/Decorating Sneak Preview

I came out of the closet because my stomach is growling .  This is gonna be lunch . . .

Just a plain 'ole hot dog and fries.  I don't know when the last time was that I had a hot dog.  We were at the grocery the other day and I just had a cravin'

But before I feed my face thought I would share a couple of pics .  First a few blocks I finished . . .
Next a few center squares ready for borders . . .
And a few photo's of my July 4th decorating . . .
This is just a teaser.  It didn't end up like this. Hehe.
But here's the finished counter.  (I think I'm always tweaking) . . .
Dawng it!  I thought I had everything all spiffy.  Do you see my orange cup and straw? Duh.  Well pretend it isn't there.  In the far top is a commission quilt I'm working on.  I was going to move it but it is denim and fits so it's part of my display.

I've realized lately just how O.C.D. I am so I have to point out to you that chairs look crooked but they are not.  Well they are but that is how the are made.  The are made out of trees not lumber.  The bottom edges are touching the counter.  But you can see the backs are not even.

Wanna see some really goofy chairs . . .
                           Now that's an interesting tablescape.  See ya.  Later.
                                Happy Trails.

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