Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alphabet Thursday S is for Smiles

Sharing with Jenny for Alphabet Thursday Letter "S"

My first thought was Smile . . .
Sharing a few Smiles that make me Smile.  I hope you enjoy . . .

Very cheesy!  A proud boy making cupcakes . . .
I am so happy when I get him to smile for the camera
The Cowboy would kill me for sharing this don't tell him but I couldn't help it these are beautiful smiles!
I've shared this one before but couldn't help sharing it for this post!
Caught him again and with his beautiful mama . . .

This one is a couple of years old.  He loves this shirt!  Same as the first shot!
And my absolute favorite.  This shot was taken when he was 3. 

And one more can't leave out this sweet smile . . .
My sweet girl smiling for me! 

These are the smiles that make my day.  Thanks for letting me share them! 

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