Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Potato Soup Weather?

For me it's anytime.  Salad and soup just seems to hit the spot.
So even though it is still September and triple digits here in Texas I can still eat a heapin' bowl of good 'ole soup, stew, or chili. 

15 Delicious Soup and Salad Combos from
Today I am thinkin' Potato Soup! How Do You Make Potato Soup?

I don't really have a recipe.  And most of the time I just wing it.  And so today I thought I would see if I could get a little help. 

My first stop is always Pioneer Woman.  Is she not amazing? 
Here's what her steaming bowl of yummy soup looks like . . .

And as always she has a cast of characters . . .

My little cast is a little different.  My method is a little different. 
But it turns out yummy just the same. 

My Method:
1. I dice my celery really small and cook in some chicken broth.  I really want the taste and flavor not the crunch.
2. My secret to adding onions to most dishes.  I grate my onion.  Then cook it in a little butter and bacon grease.   
3. My other secret.  So secret I didn't photo it. LOL.  Actually I forgot. I use half and half in my soup. 

 So do you have a great recipe?  Wanna share it?  Check out the  linky parties below.

Well if your like me and you don't have a real recipe click here to go Pioneer Woman's.  And well heck even if you do.  Just go on over there and visit.  You'll be smiling when you leave!

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