Monday, September 8, 2014

Blue Wedding

Welcome to Blue Monday.  Today I am sharing some wedding
photos.  A couple of years ago The Cowboy and I had the joy of helping document the wedding of one of the staff at the prison where we have church services.  The Cowboy officiated and I got to be the photography.  I had a wonderful time!

I am by no means a professional but it was definitely fun.  And,
the colors were Blue and Silver . . .

First the caterer putting some finishing touches on the cake.  Which btw I didn't get to taste!
The party went on and on and we had church the next day!
I have to admit I was annoyed.  Seriously who goes to a wedding and doesn't stay for cake?

No Blue here but I think he is handsome so had to share this one!
Do you see the Blue here?  Check out those Cowboy Boots!
I left this one uncropped to show the area where the wedding was held.  It is actually a hallway.  Above is another hall you can see the railing. 

The flowers are Blue and the guys shirts and ties are Blue . . .
I know the lighting is awful but the view was gorgeous.   This building is in the middle of downtown Dallas. 
                                         The First Dance in Blue

Thanks for joining me today for Blue Monday. 
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