Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fabulous Fall Linky Pumpkin Party

Welcome . . .
 to another week of the Fabulous Fall Linky Party
This week I thought I would do something a little different and suggest a topic . . .
It's the month of Pumpkins and I know you all are decorating with these wonders . . .
Maybe doing a little cooking . . .
Maybe like me your looking for a few good ideas for decorating! 
Or maybe just dreaming about someday. 
That's where the fun of the party comes in.  I love reading your posts and getting ideas from you so. . .  

Come over and join the Party.  Now here's the great news the only rule is your post must be Fall themed. (Please save your Halloween posts for another party.)   It doesn't have to be Pumpkin themed but the good news is if it is Pumpkin themed then you'll be automatically entered in a give a way that I will do at the end of October! 
Oh gosh I just noticed that my 199th Follower just joined.  I am so excited to get new Followers and Friends!  Welcome everyone. 
                #200 something special is in store for you!

And now on with the Party!

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